About Us

Our Mission
“To let our light shine before men, that they may see our good works and glorify our Father who is in Heaven.  (Paraphrased) Matthew 5:15
Our Vision
To equip and send forth Christ-centered, Kingdom-building Torchbearers whose flame of the Holy Spirit leads the lost sheep to The Shepherd through Exhortation, Edification & Evangelism.”
Who we are...
The Greater St. Luke Family don’t just call ourselves members—“We are Torchbearers!”  We believe in letting our light shine that has been kindled by our Holy Ghost experience.  We want to inspire others to see what a wonderful change there is in our lives when now that we have surrendered to Him who can save us.  The light of change in our lives is the beacon that we hope will lead others to seek our Lord and Savior experience that wonderful life-changing moment.
  • We carry our light so that other can see the edification of the Holy Spirit and the Manifestation of his indwelling in us. 
  • We accept those who seek Him without prejudice to the outward appearance or circumstance.  
  • We place our priority on salvation through the proclaiming the Word of God to the lost.
  • We acknowledge the five-fold ministry wherein each of us has a purposeful life through which our Heavenly Father desires to use us.
  • We are a connectional church through (a) The Triune God (b) Jesus; and (c) the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
  • We offer willingly and obediently unto God our first fruits of tithes, offerings, times, gifts, and services setting the example of good stewardship.
Through Biblical teachings by Pastor Hall, we are compelled to not just do church work but do the work of the church.   Through that work, we witness the valuable transformation from lost to saved, from despair to hope, and from loneliness to being part of the wonderful family of God and church.
Again, we thank you for choosing us for your worship experience.