Rev. Marvin Hall, Pastor & CEO
Biography of Rev. Dr. Marvin S. Hall, Sr.
Rev. Dr. Marvin Hall is a native of Brighton, TN in Tipton County.  He received his primary and secondary education in the Tipton County School System.   He is a 1978 graduate of Brighton High School.

Dr. Hall’s educational pursuits include:
  • Dyersburg State Community College
  • Diploma in Biblical Studies – Seminary Extension of the Southern Baptist Convention
  • Diploma in Pastoral Ministries – R. G. Lee Center of Union University
  • Bachelor of Arts Divinity – Tennessee School of Religion
  • Masters of Theology – Tennessee School of Religion
  • Doctorate of  Theology – Agape Christian School of Religion
Dr. Hall accepted his call to ministry in 1982.At that time, his ministry path was to serve as an Associate Minister at Smith Grove Baptist Church.Under the leadership and guidance of the church’s pastor, he grew in wisdom and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In 1984, Dr. Hall’s ministry path took him to a higher calling as the pastor of St. Stephen Missionary Baptist Church in Covington, TN where he served faithfully for over 24 years.  Those years of pastorate at St. resulted in:
  • The establishment of faith-based ministries since there was none in place when Dr. Hall assumed leadership. 
  • Increased congregational growth thus facilitating the need for a new house of worship.
  •  Further church expansion resulting in a second building project due to consistent congregational growth. 
The second expansion was completed and seven mortgage payments remained when Dr. Hall’s ministry path changed. The seven remaining mortgage payments were of a 10-year mortgage that the church paid out under the 10-year mortgage time frame.
Although deeply convicted to his ministry at St. Stephen, God affirmed that it was time for him to move forward after 24 years.  He did, however, return to St. Stephen to conduct the church’s mortgage burning ceremony.

In September 2008, Dr. Hall answered God’s Will which led him to the pastorate of Greater St. Luke Baptist Church in Jackson, TN where he continues his ministry to the people through exhortation, edification, and evangelism.  When it comes to ministry, he is a passionate and renowned advocate for the building of God’s kingdom.  It is noteworthy that his passion and current pastoral position is so uniquely intertwined with Greater St. Luke’s vision statement —“A Kingdom-building Torchbearer Church”. 

Dr. Hall’s pastorate at Greater St. Luke has resulted in continual congregational growth.  Because of his church-building experience, he revealed his vision plan for Greater St. Luke in April 2013.  He had prepared the congregation for that vision five years prior through Biblical teaching on faith, family, church and community.
Although Dr. Hall’s passion is ministry, he has been continuously employed with the Tipton County Board of Education at Covington High School and the Teen Learning Center for 20 years.He believes that in that position he possesses a calling whereas he can make a difference in the lives of young people with troubled lives.
Dr. Hall’s interests include Philosophy, History, English Literature, Politics, Art History, Economics, and other studies which have also contributed significantly to his education.He is also a talented and gifted singer.
On February 27, 1981, Dr. Hall married the lovely Patricia Ann Nelson of Covington, TN.They are the proud parents of four children, Dekesha, Tijuana, Marvin, Jr., and Cameron.Dr. Hall hails from a family of ministers as he has four brothers who are also in the ministry.Proof God has blessed this family to be a blessing to many through the proclamation of the Word.
Dr. Hall continues to serve God faithfully at home, throughout his and neighboring communities. He continues to attract people to his ministry with his charismatic personality, contagious humor, and positive attitude.His dynamic preaching affords him the opportunity to travel nationally while preaching the Word of God.  AMEN.